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WordPress Author Plugin Widget

Showcase your Blog authors with new look to attract the visitors. As the name suggests The Fancy WordPress Author List plugin displays list of authors on your website using the widget area section.
  • 20,000+ install
  • 6/10 Rating
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Simple Custom Lightweight Video Popup

The Simple Custom Lightweight Video Popup plugin allows you to embed videos on a page using lightbox overlay display. This plugin can be used to displya YouTube and Vimeo videos in a popup overlay. The embedded videos can be viewed on iPhone and iPad too.
  • 2000+ install
  • 4/10 Rating
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Facebook Voucher Plugin

Facebook Voucher Generator App is a very sophisticated application for auto-generation of Voucher. User can download voucher using Facebook login. Once the user logged in and authenticate the app the voucher will automatically appear. User can download and print it.
  • 500 install
  • 5/10 Rating
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WooCommerce Coupon Scratch Discount

WooCommerce Coupon Scratch Discount is very flexible and can be attached to any existing Woocomerce Website. Its bring real customers to your shop where they redeem and buy. In this way, you can collect Data and send the newsletter whenever needed and increase brand awareness.User account get automated created and hence become a member as well.
  • 1000 install
  • 8/10 Rating
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Twitter Tweets

A widget that allows you to display the tweets. Add your Twitter feed to your sidebar with this widget
  • 500+ install
  • 2/10 Rating
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q How it should be the code to insert link not only in the Author’s name.. in the Author’s image also

q Display Author Plugin on pages with shortcode

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