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Simple Custom Lightweight Video Popup - Themefantasy
By: develop on 24-03-17

The Simple Custom Lightweight Video Popup plugin allows you to embed videos on a page using lightbox overlay display. This plugin can be used to display YouTube and Vimeo videos in a popup overlay. The embedded videos can be viewed on iPhone and iPad too.

Embedding Vimeo & YouTube Video

You can embed a vimeo & YouTUbe video using the following shortcode in a WordPress post or page or in a widget:

`[videopopup video_id=”13562192″ type=”vimeo” width=”640″ height=”480″]`
`[videopopup video_id=”13562192″ type=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”480″]`

You need to replace the value of “video_id” with your actual vimeo video ID or YouTube ID. When a user clicks on the image your vimeo/youtube video will pop up in Javascript.

Live Example

YouTube Example


Vimeo Example



[videopopup video_id=”2g__2jghWTg” type=”youtube” imagewidth=”400″ effect=”3″] (youtube)

[videopopup video_id=”118177638″ type=”vimeo” imagewidth=”400″ effect=”2″] (Vimeo)


Fade in  Scale : effect=1

Slide in (right) : effect=2

Slide in (bottom) :3

Newspaper : 4

Fall : 5

Side Fall : 6

Sticky Up : 7

3D Flip (horizontal) : 8

3D Flip (vertical) : 9

3D Sign : 10

Super Scaled : effect=11

Just Me : effect=12

3D Slit : effect=13

3D Rotate Bottom : effect=14

3D Rotate In Left : effect=15

Blur : effect=16

This Plugin is approved on WordPress.org website. You can download these plugin from here:

Simple Custom Video Popup Lightweight



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