By: develop on 24-03-17

Facebook Voucher Generator App is a very sophisticated application for auto-generation of Voucher. User can download voucher using Facebook login. Once the user logged in and authenticate the app the voucher will automatically appear. User can download and print it.

Included Language English

Demo :

Features : Fasted and easy way to create Facebook Voucher Generator Apps. The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions. It is possible to determine how many Voucher has been downloaded. No MySql or coding required. A message on the Facebook wall also appears for everyone who has downloaded the Voucher. With this feature, the contest promotes itself.

Install :

Follow the PDF file with 8 steps.

Requirement :

Secure Https php5x or better. Facebook app ID and secret key No MySQL no database needed

Note: There is no need of any upgrades in this script. As far it is working fine, there is no need of any upgrades. The only thing is that you need to incorporate with the Facebook Api changes and permission.The auto post on the wall has been disabled by Facebook API. You need to submit your app on Facebook approval. Once approved then only user/you can post on a wall.

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