Top Website Builder
By: Mohsin Mulani on 10-11-16

Wix is a leading cloud-based platform for web development. It currently caters to millions of users around the world. They have made it very simple for everyone to create professional and beautiful looking websites with absolutely no creative limit. You don’t need coding skills in order to work your way around the interface and get yourself a nice looking website. It is probably everything you will need to get your business up and running. Moreover, the drag-and-drop platform makes everything relatively very easy.


SITE123 developing an online free website builder targeting a very wide market. Its main advantage is that it’s very easy to handle and it does not require any coding or design skills. It’s completely based on automatic modules and pre-made design patterns, so a decently looking website can be accomplished in minutes. It is also adapted to all kind of devices and screen resolutions so the final result is a fully responsive website.


IMCreator is simple, affordable, elegant and effective. You can create an HTML website using the Drag and Drop editor with absolutely no programming. The service allows you to collaborate with great designers. You can easily promote your website and receive real time results from your website’s performance. You can either get a domain on your own or otherwise buy one with ImCreator.


DoddleKit allows its customers to build a professional website freely and easily. People without coding knowledge, can establish their online presence using this service without a hassle. Start with either picking a template of editing one and you are all set to go. They offer several advanced website building tools including Search Optimization which is essential for traffic to build up on your site. They have a range of templates already available for you to take full advantage of.


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