The plugin is developed to display the list of author in your sidebar using the Widget area. The Plugin used the tabular format system in which you can add any number of columns depending upon the sidebar width.You can exclude the some authors which you do no want to display in the sidebar widgets just by typing the author name separated by comma. eg:sam,sabir in the column.


  • Each author has a link which links to the author post page.
  • Sort the authors by total number of posted by the author.
  • Make a competition of posting articles on website. for eg if the author has posted zero post its name will not appear in the list.
  • Display in tabular format.
  • If user mouse over on the link then it will display the author post counts.
  • Make your author list in fancy and attractive way.( Pro Version ) For more information click here :
  • Fancy author demo link
  • Hide the name and link ( Pro )

For more information visit: Watch Video